"Truly entertaining."
John Petrakis, Chicago Tribune

"A miracle of Midwestern ingenuity and economy, Smith's utterly remarkable first feature... [is] as hilarious as it is depressing."
Amy Taubin, The Village Voice

"A stellar and too-little-seen film about, quite simply, what we do for work."
Scott Macauley, Filmmaker Magazine

"Smith's biting look at the working world is scathingly funny and surprisingly sad."
Paul Birchall, Los Angeles Reader

"Chris Smith's deadpan American Job twists the daily grind of minimum wage labor into a wryly humorous portrait of dead-end angst..."
Holly Willis, Los Angeles Independent Film Festival

"There is little here that won't ring hilariously and depressingly true. This, finally, is the America I know."
Arne Johnson, San Francisco Bay Guardian

"Not only one of the best films of the decade, one of the best films ever made."
John Rush, The Other Paper

"A hilarious and heartfelt film..."
Jim Supanick, Film Comment